Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Well, my porch looks adorable... Time to sell it all.

Sometimes I want to keep everything I upcycle, but most of the time, I'm poor. My porch looks perfect right now. It looks like it was clipped out of a magazine.

Do you other crafty people ever look around yourself and just think, "I have cute stuff." I do it all the time, but it's never for long. These pieces are meant for another home.

As nice as it is sitting here on my porch, typing this, sipping water from my Iron Man cup... I can justify selling my chair, because I want a bench in the long run. I just want to sit on my porch with my boyfriend and play game boy. You know how that is. And right now, there is only room for one.

I've gotta make room for my Spiderman. One day, I'll have a bigger porch with a cute, OLLLD, bench and chevron pillows. And I'll have a little dog bed made from a suitcase for Henry.

A girl can dream. 

Chair: picked $5 - Flipped $35

Stool: Picked $1 - Flipped $20
(It  has the type of distressing that only time and teenage boys can create. I had to remove the juggalo stickers from it of course.)

Side table: Picked $10 - Flipped $45
Crate: Picked $1 - Flipped $25

Valspar's Dive In (green) and Krylon's Ocean Breeze (blue).

Picked - $20 for everything. Flipped - $100

Valspar's Hang Ten

Table picked for $5 - Flipped for $25

Stool: Picked for free - Flipped for $15

Old kitchen cart - Painted with Krylon's Sun Yellow.

Thrifty picks - I paid $33 for everything you see here- Including the door.

Saver's chair's - Before and after

I picked 3 of these up at Saver's for $30. They were sold within a week for $120.

I reupholstered the seat with cute floral fabric from JoAnn's, spray painted it in Krylon's Sun Yellow, and finished it off with Valspar's antiquing glaze.